Hiring and Retaining Diversity

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Changing market, and talent recruitment to support customer case mix, demands more multiculturally sensitive staff.

The need for a diversity recruitment was driven by the changing market and customer case mix. So not only the staff, but the leadership needed to become more multiculturally sensitive and aware. However, lack of retention and career mobility were the key determinants in exit interviews.

What are the larger business & talent trends in play?
Behavioral aspects were considered extremely important for success. While we are a long way from a post racial society there are specific tactics that create inclusion and build engagement for all staff, women and POC, particularly.

  • Building social engagement – the experience of connectedness with colleagues  and others involved in work roles, to be a requirement of working effectively and collaboratively.
  • Career success is very dependent upon the amount and quality of social capital: access to information, access to resources, and career sponsorship; building social engagement, women and POC may improve their social capital and experience more success.
  • Unconscious bias education for understanding individuals’ level of sophistication with topics of ingroup and outgroup behaviors inform coaching and mentoring and can bearing on understanding how and where stereotypes originated.

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