JL Nevis Consulting LLC utilizes business acumen in the realm of human resources to articulate the business case for people development, and employee engagement to provide services, and design programs and processes to support workforce management and strategic organizational objectives. Their extensive skills in organizational development; diversity and inclusion; climate and culture; root cause/needs assessment; executive and career coaching supports the delivery of end-to-end solutions

Diversity & Engagement

Is your organization working on an inclusion and engagement strategy? The two are highly correlated: engaged staff will go the extra mile, but staff who feel included will additionally drive your business results through decision making, career mobility and their perceived value to you and their organization.
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Executive Coaching

Do you or a staff member need skills polish toward increased effectiveness? Do you or a staff member need clear understanding of impact to improve on the job? Do you have a key executive in need of a mentor with whom they can have confidential conversations or support for changes and improvements needed within themselves? Executive coaching focuses on helping individuals go from where they are, to where they want themselves and their company to be.

Coaching gives a high-potential the refinement and development needed for the next level, or can help a key manager avoid derailment.
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Organization Effectiveness Consulting

Are you a department head, small business or non-profit undergoing vision and mission formation, strategy redesign, or productivity changes, and seeking to engage staff in the process? Are you ready to launch a transformation or manage change process and need support for your staff to manage the change? Do you have issues with non-productive or ineffective processes, teams or individuals? Organizational consulting aligns your team with organizational missions, strategies or change, gaining the needed agility to respond to and profit from the rapid pace of organizational change, strategy redesign or any change that impacts your staff.
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Training & Development

Training is not always the answer to business problems, however in certain instances training and training management can be the difference between risk and compliance. The emergence of #metoo, diversity and inclusion, process improvement, performance management and management development are key training and compliance areas where JL Nevis Consulting LLC supports your training management, delivery and compliance needs by delivering key messages to your staff at the same time, in the same manner.
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