Building Consulting Skills

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Improve your sales, increase fees and develop a pipeline of future talent via consulting skill development programs.

Context :
Ideally, consulting firms and all organizations offering services and products through highly skilled individuals and teams bringing diverse and deep experience—plus a collaborative spirit—to their client engagements. This is all about relationship…

What are the larger business & talent trends in play?

  • Some firms usually work on a fee basis, either fixed or variable; others are tasked with making the sale and consistently closing the deal.
  • Clients want to improve service delivery and customer experience by developing employees’ client engagement skills.
  • Fees and sales are often driven by the most highly skilled and paid leaders and managers in tall pyramids, low leverage, or typically the most expensive resources – it is best they make the firm money.
  • New-in- role and junior resources may effectively support ‘rainmakers’ if they are provided with guidance and effective training. However, on-the- job: true apprenticeship happens in a safe environment to learn communication, sales and analytical skills are critical for successful consultants.
  • Specific additional training is needed to build confidence, increase client engagement skill, and close skill gaps.

JL Nevis Consulting LLC can add value to your existing Learning & Development department, and/or supplement your curriculum; support the creation of new training initiatives or facilitate needed training for you. We measure the return on investment and the impact to your bottom line.