Ability, Will, Confidence, or Opportunity?

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An individual was having a difficult time getting up to on some specific forecast reports. The manager walked the individual through the original materials; passed on the minutes from all Leadership Committee meetings; and diligently reviewed and gave feedback on the draft the client presented. Yet, still the feedback is the reports are falling short. Is the skill gap due to a lack of ability, will, confidence or opportunity?

What are the larger business & talent trends in play?
Coaching can an opportunity to help a key executive in need of a mentor with whom they can have confidential conversations or support for changes or improvements needed within themselves. Some of the best coaching happens “in the moment” not in long, preplanned meetings. And not after the moment has passed…

  • Is Learned by Doing… coaches are role models: learning and developing themselves; a power of example Requires Ownership… the person receiving coaching must want the coaching. Is a Partnership… each person contributes ideas and listens to the other in coaching conversations.
  • Requires Judgment… recognizes when the person is ready and what may be the best approach for his/her need.
  • Specific coaching can build confidence to prepare an executive for the next role, or close skill gaps to avoid derailment.

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