Managing & Implementing Change

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First impressions are lasting; the face of your organization represents your community; support your staff in understanding and making the change.

Ideally, your front-line staff are always bright, cheerful, representative of the community and helpful in every way. But what if they are not? A negative customer experience is six times more likely to be communicated publicly than a positive one. This is about change and employee engagement and managing change…

What are the larger business & talent trends in play?

A project undertaken to realign points of access included internal needs analysis, community demographic research, recruitment, and training in customer engagement skills. Follow up surveys indicated that customers noticed a 60% improvement in the friendliness of front-line staff.

  • Change is defined as: to alter, to make different, to transform.
  • Change management is defined as the means to plan, initiate, realize, control, and finally stabilize change processes on both, a business and personal level.
  • As leaders and managers – you must not only manage change, but you implement it, direct others and support their reactions to it!
  • We offer a variety of interventions and coaching to support the strategy design, project planning and change management process at all levels – individual, team, process and project.

JL Nevis Consulting LLC’s varied industry background and skills provide the information and research you need to align your team with organizational mission, strategy or change management priorities.